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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Community Projects

Nick Barouinis spoke on the Mobility of Engineers - How to achieve a sustainable career in engineering,  which was followed up by an opportunity to ask questions of some of our newest graduates. 

Here are some of the takeaway points of  Nicks presentation 

  • Don’t think in National terms - Keep an eye on what  is happening in the engineering industry around the world.
  • Think like you are in NZ today but not tomorrow.
  • Note: Engineers are the most immigrant prone professionals in the world.
  • Choose a field to practise in and then become an expert/specialist in your field. (Geotechnical-Structural-Civil-Earthquake)
  • A Master’s will be helpful. This can come straight after your have completed your degree but can also be taken up later in your career if you are unsure of what your speciality area will be upon graduation.

During question and answer time and the following casual conversations we found that the most peressing questions were around- clear career pathways, support and work/ life balance. Essentially what does a consulting engineering career look like on a daily basis? 

At Cook Costello we hold our graduates in high esteem . We value their energy and innovation which when combined with the experience and knowledge of our seniors creates an atmosphere that keeps us vibrant as a company and continualy lifting expectations of ourselves, our deliverables and our services we o. 

We are excited for those recent and soon to be graduates future careers and look forward to seeing what they will bring to our industry.



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