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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Aaron is currently fresh off the plane from a 12d conference in Australia where he presented his success with this software and we're all buzzing about the positive feedback he received.

Doing more with 12d civil software

Working in a multidisciplinary company such as Cook Costello where architects, engineers and surveyors work together, Aaron saw the need to create better digital communication and workflow between the three disciplines.

He was frustrated with the fact that their civil software wasn't being used to its full potential. He began working on streamlining the way engineers, architects and surveyors interacted with each other during the design and setout stages.
This resulted in a better, more efficient workflow and less on site changes - saving the client time and money.

Upon further investigation into the most up-to-date developments of the 12d software, Aaron found a breakthrough in how the software could be used to integrate civil design data with the architectural software - ArchiCAD.
This means that the civil design data is able to be output from the engineers, who design in meters, into millimeter relevant coordinates for the Architectural team to work on.

Once the building design is complete, the architectural design can be reimported back in to the civil software once again in the correct coordinates. The added benefit is that the information is all imported correctly and ready for the surveyors (who also use 12d) to complete their survey setouts.

The development in how the team at Cook Costello now works, results in thorough checks, fewer errors, eliminates on-site clashes, saves time and ultimately money. While this may sound 'technical' and insignificant, the impact of this investigation and development in utilising the software is huge.

To have the architectural data speaking with the civil design and survey data is going to be monumental in the industry and will have immense benefits. This will effectively change the way we do things in the future.

In Australia Aaron presented his investigations on the civil software to an audience of 400 people at a 12d international conference, and although he felt a little out of his comfort zone, the positive feedback he received made it a rewarding experience.
He relished the idea of sharing his knowledge with the industry and knows that his efforts and findings will help other engineers become more efficient, and the progress this means for the industry as a whole.

Aaron at the conference

Looking to the future

Aaron's focus will be aimed at how Cook Costello can do more with 12d civil software, especially in the presentation of design to clients.

As the completed design is already in 3d, the key is to now present the 3d visualisation of the design to clients. It is a big help for a client to see what the site looks like in 3d as it can be hard for clients to visualise what a site will look like from a 2d plan.

Our goal is to bring the project to life by being able to present a 3d view for our client.

For other 12d and ArchiCAD users, Aaron will also be offering workshops on how you can better utilise your 12d software to improve your design processes.

Contact our friendly team to find out more about 3d presentations and our 12d civil software workshops and how these can add value to your next project.


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